International Students` admission

All foreign nationals residing in the Islamic Republic of Iran who seek to participate in the Entrance Exam of the Islamic Azad University must meet the below criteria along with those mentioned previously.

►The initial registration of non-Iranian nationals is bound to having at least one residence or identity certificate as follows:

·        Political Asylum Certificate issued by the Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran;

·        Passport with valid residency and a minimum of 6 months validity;

·        Identity card for non-Iranian residents issued by the office of Resident and Immigration Affairs at the ministry of Interior;

·        Exit papers issued by the office of Resident and Immigration Affairs at the ministry of Interior;

Foreign Applicants will not be allowed to enter fields of study which will require employment guarantees by the Islamic Republic of Iran;

Only foreign applicants who have graduated an official and accepted schools inside the Islamic Republic of Iran are permitted to take part in the University Entrance Exams;

Grade requirements: applicants who seek to continue their studies in Medical fields of studies must have a high school or pre-university grade point average of 15-20 (out of 20) for Associate level, and 16-20 for Bachelor Master or Doctorate levels.

Prospective students must submit the following documents in support of their applications:

       ·    Completed application form;

       ·    All previous diplomas (certificates) and transcripts;

       ·    Any certifications or letter of recommendation in support of the application;

       ·   Since the medium of instruction is Persian, students are required to have a good command of the language prior to attending the classes. Intensive Persian courses are provided for those who are not proficient in Persian;

For further information, applicants are requested to contact their nearest Iranian embassies or directly get in touch with the Office of the Vice Presidency for International Affairs Ayatollah Amoli international branch on: