The central library building was constructed in 1999. Currently it is located in the second floor of the research IT complex. The library enjoys an area of 1460 square meters. It is considered the largest academic library in north of Iran. The central library enjoys a collection of 32794 books in a suitable place for research and study. It provides services to 4499 users in the following areas: cataloging and preparation, reference section, lending and study area for male and female, journals, theses and dissertations section, digital library and profiles of articles on the net.

Reference section

The reference section aims to place an order for and taking care of references, dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuscripts, atlases, maps, and valuable and precious books. The materials here are organized following the library of congress code and users have direct access to the shelves. All the books have barcode labels and all checking and shelf-reading are done through barcode readers.

Lending and study area

Lending and study area is divided into two areas: lending and study area for male and female enjoy and area of 520 square meters. This sections is completely mechanized and there are barcode readers which record all library user membership information and books information on the computers. The users can search for and take out the books using a software. Taking out or returning a books can be done in person.  The user searches for a book using one of the computers and places an order for the book. The order is sent to the book repository and if it’s available it will be sent up through an electric lift.  The books will be registered on the users name in the system.



Journals, theses and dissertations section

This section located is in charge of placing an order for and maintaining foreign and domestic journals, theses and dissertations, and newspapers. The service in this section is open-shelf. All the theses and dissertations are cataloged and their abstracts are available on the library website. Moreover, the bibliographic information for the journals is both descriptively and analytically available on the computer and can be accessed through a software in the library. This section is connected to the Web and some of the journal subscriptions are made online.