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Jalil Farjad: If I were young I would choose IAU Ayatollah Amoli branch

Jalil Farjad is an Iranian theater, cinema and TV actor. He visited IAU, Ayatollah Amoli branch. Farjad announced that this university is located in the heart of a jungle with a beautiful view. He maintained that if I were young I would choose this university to keep on my education. He further said that "one is motivated to study with this outstanding view. Here is a good university for art applicants."Farjad also criticized the young generation for their motivation for higher education. He argued that "many of the youth are looking for a degree. Honestly speaking, they do not study well". Farjad maintained that university should help students learn skills. We see some graduate and postgraduate people and even those with a Ph.D. degree do not know the ABC of the art. I think each university student should be expert in the field both theoretically and practically.

This actor also appreciated Dr. Larijani and the board of trustee of the University for creating such an active and absorbing university.  

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