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The faculty member of AAIB investigates the treatment for refining industrial wastewaters

Dr. Hassan Taher Mansour, the Associate Professor of Ayatollah Amoli International Branch, has carried out an investigation on the treatment of industrial wastewater to protect the environment. He studied the removal of picric acid aqueous solutions by graphene oxide/chitosan and carbon nanotubes/chitosan nanocomposites. In this current study, firstly, the nanocomposites were prepared and characterized. Then, they were applied as the efficient adsorbents for the removal of the picric acid aqueous solutions. In addition, the influence of ultrasound waves on the adsorption of picric acid by carbon nanotubes was reported. Picric acid, may be entered to water or environment due to its various applications in dyes, explosives, fungicides and military industries. It can also cause a range of health problems since picric acid is toxic even at low concentrations.  In addition, he reported the removal of mercury, cadmium and arsenic metals, which are strongly toxic, aqueous solutions by the modified carbon nanostructures (graphene oxide and carbon nanotube) with 3-aminopyrazole. The findings were published in six journals.

1. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 160 (2017) 671-681.

2. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 109 (2018) 598-610.

3. Carbon letters, 22 (2017)14-24.

4. New Journal of Chemistry, 41 (2017) 8905-8919.


5. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 5 (2017) 3405-3417.


6. Research on Chemical Intermediates, 44 (2018) 69-92.


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