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Vice President for Academic and Post Graduate Affairs of Islamic Azad University visited IAU Ayatollah Amoli branch

Alireza Rahai, the Vice President for Academic and Post Graduate Affairs of Islamic Azad University, announced "Islamic Azad University Ayatollah Amoli branch is an international, qualified and good university among the many branches in IAU." He posits that IAU owns an exclusive situation. He further added that: "Today, I have visited the campus and different qualified gears at international level prepared for the educational services." He maintained that: "I have talked to the board of trustee to provide a better situation in order to enroll foreign candidates because this university has a chance to enter at the international level with the professional amenities provided at the campus. We have decided to hold a special committee to fulfill the goal. My colleagues and I will help at the office of international affair to expand these international relations. I appreciate all the colleagues of Ayatollah Amoli Branch, specially the president of this university, Dr. Larijani, for procuring such a typical university."  

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