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Research Center of Medicinal/Herbal Plants
 The Herbal Plant Research Center was founded at IAU, Ayatollah Amoli branch for the purpose of training first-class researchers in this field for the benefit of society, and in order to create job opportunities with its products nationally and internationally. Medical plant science is one of the most important scientific branches, linking different scientific fields such as botany, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture and chemistry. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes in our country throughout its history, as in other countries such as China and India. At present a new scientific focus has arisen in Iran that aims to identify and reclassify herbal plants, and compose encyclopedias and atlases for exploring herbal plants in Iran. Universities are the pioneers in developing this new focus. A Research Center for traditional medicine has now been founded for graduate doctors in some of the medical colleges of the country, with the help of the Islamic and Iranian Cultural Committee. Graduates in this field are experts in both modern and traditional medicine. Having a rich historical background in medicine and being a country of famous internationally known scientists, such as Avicenna who was the author of “Al-Qanoon fi al - Tibb” in medical sciences, Iran is well-placed to take a lead in this field and its associated industries.
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